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Introducing DermaQuest

Harness the power of Dermaquest

Dermaquest provides an exceptional range of professional skincare that combines some of the oldest known ingredients from around the world with some of the newest, most advanced and scientifically designed ingredients in the 21st century.

From high quality vitamin C and A to amazing Peptides and Stem Cells, the power of nature and science enable our products to achieve maximum results whilst you enjoy the immediate benefits.

The Dermaquest 5-step homecare regime is designed to provide a tailored approach to your skincare needs. Working to achieve a cell turnover that will successfully combat your specific concerns and the signs of aging, whilst leaving your skin nourished, strengthened, protected and with a complexion that is healthy and revitalised.

Dermaquest products are cruelty free, environmentally conscious, Paraben free and FDA approved.

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Just Gel’s new exclusive formula is the perfect visionary of gel polish. It eliminates the frustration of chipping, rippling, smudging and cracking caused by traditional polish. It covers in two coats, cures in minutes and wears for up to two weeks!

Just Gel protects natural nails, leaving them healthy and strong after removal. After a 10- 15-minute soak with Just Gel cleanser removes nail colour without drilling or filling.


Want your ears pierced but worried you have sensitive skin?

We now offer ear piercing with Titanium studs which are 100% nickel free and perfect for those with an allergy to gold and other metals.

ONLY £26.00

VOESH 'Pedi in a box'

Whether you are looking for a Luxury Spa Foot treatment (see treatment menu) or an easy to use DIY pedicure, Pedi in a box is a perfectly portioned 4 step treatment available in a wide variety of different fragrances to suit individual tastes.

Each box contains a sea salt soak, moisture scrub, mud masque and massage lotion all of which contain key ingredients to enrich your skin and condition your nails. They are packed with the right amount of product for a single treatment to ensure a clean and hygienic experience. All products are 100% vegan, organic and allergen free.


Orly presents EPIX ‘the next evolution of nail colour’.

The benefits of a gel polish

This unique nail colour formula not only provides extended wear without the need to cure under a lamp, but easily removes just like a polish.

Smudge-fixing technology

EPIX Flexible Colour is a shock absorbing system containing polymers allowing the finish of the manicure to bounce back from nicks and dents making smudges and chips a thing of the past.

Smudge-fixing technology

EPIX Flexible Colour and Flexible Sealcoat fuse together to create a durable, scratch resistant high shine finish that dries in less than 8 minutes!

Available at Serene Beauty.  Ask your therapist for an EPIX colour with your Manicure or Pedicure and experience the benefits for yourself!


Your skin is a reflection of your health, so great nutrition is the first step in your skincare regime. By nourishing from the inside, you can turbo boost the effects of your skin care while achieving maximum long-term benefits.

The Advanced Nutrition Programme is one of the highest quality supplements you can buy. We believe that the quantity and quality of the nutrients in our products are at levels which really make a difference to your skin and overall wellbeing. Ask your therapist for further details.

Our ranges include:

Skin Accumax – for acne and scarring
Skin Omegas –for dry skin conditions and healthy skin
Nail Science –for problem nails
Skin Vitality – to support wellbeing and maintenance of skin, hair and nails
Skin Vit C – to boost collagen formation


Threading is an ancient method of hair removal which originated in the Indian subcontinent, spread to the Middle and Far East and is now gaining in popularity in Western Countries.

Practitioners use a pure, thin, twisted cotton thread which is rolled over untidy hairlines, plucking the hair at the follicle level.

Unlike tweezing where a single hair is removed each time, threading can remove an entire row, resulting in a straighter cleaner line and a great shape. Threading is more suitable than facial waxing for someone who suffers with skin sensitivity, as the top layers of the skin are not peeled nor are they traumatised; threading is an alternative to waxing. 

Threading like all hair removal treatments that take out the whole hair from the follicle will last roughly 3-4 weeks depending on the client’s hair growth cycle. Unlike waxing though you don’t have to wait until the hair is at a suitable length. Short hairs can too be removed by your therapist.


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